Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh, this too...

Also, I hate change...can you please tell me what it's good for?  

I wish everything would go back to the way it was 4 years ago.  

(I do know the answer to this, just tossing this around in my crazy mind right now lol)

First Attempt

Really, one of the only reasons that I started this was for Kim, which sparks out into a whole other list of reasons why I should.  

1.  I missed my Xanga and always open my page so that I'll write on it, but I never put any words down.  There is no reason to when everyone else is over here!

2.  I hoped that I might be able to get out of this what I got out of Xanga.  This is completely cheesy, but I learned so much from that site about me and others, PLUS, I still go back to it and read the things that I had written.  I have never been more blessed than by reading the things that I had written a while back.  

Ok, so that huge list of reasons ended up being 3 reasons...but I'm ok with that.  Kim is really the only one going to read this :)  Hi Pretty!!

I don't know what to say.  I feel like I have so much on my mind, but then again...I don't.  I just want to be home now.  I know exactly why God had me do this tour again, but I feel like I've learned and experienced what I needed to learn and experience.  Praise the Lord for letting me do this again!  As I talk with my group about tour last year, it's unanimous when saying, "Alyssa, why in the world did you decide to do this again?!"  Truth is, I have no idea.  I don't even remember what prompted me to sign up, but that must have been the Lord.  For those of you that know about my life right now, (Kim :D)  could you imagine what life would have been like had I not gone?  Amen to that.  

I truly wish that I had more to say, but I lack the energy.  9 weeks of pouring out your heart to thousands of people can start to get to a person apparently.  

I love you!  See you soon!